Home Insurance

Home Insurance

We’ve split our Home Insurance policy into separate but vital components; building, contents, special possessions and homeworking. This means our knowledgeable team at The Insurance Centre can pay precise attention to each, exploring potential disasters - from spoiled food to metered water loss - for thorough protection of your home.

Perils including fire, storm, flood and theft don’t have to be on a grand scale to make your home uninhabitable. A Buildings Cover policy arranged with The Insurance Centre will pay for alternative accommodation alongside the repair costs, and with a limit potentially up to £1million, a blanket buildings sum will also cover damage caused by emergency access, and your legal liability as the home owner.  

You don’t realise how useful something is until it’s gone or been rendered useless. With Contents Cover arranged by The Insurance Centre you hopefully won’t be without it for too long, be it your fridge freezer and the food within it or a laptop or tablet taken away in the UK or abroad. With Contents Cover, anything kept outside or in an outbuilding can be covered, as well as the fuel and metered water which keeps your home running. We’ll even increase your levels of protection during religious festivals and for up to 30 days after your wedding. 

Special possessions
If you have any specific items that wouldn’t naturally fall under the contents section, these could be protected for accidental damage at home or away under a Special Possessions policy. 

Office equipment, supplies, furnishings and sample stock can be accounted for under the Homeworkers Insurance; a simple way to cover yourself if you work and receive business visitors at home.